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At shepherd‘s delight, the magnificent Our bank offers a marvellous fishing ground to the stiller natures. We happily request the relating permission in your place.

Toddlers who, even after a whole day on a plain nature campsite or in one of the nearby leisure attractions, still have an itching desire to move can let it off on our own playground. Beside the swings, seesaws, slide and Co. is our „piste“, to the great delight of the parents and all the guests. The „Boule“ game at our place, is a friendly get-together with pleasant chats and some nice nips - and much more than just a literally „round“ thing. 

Popular trips

leisure pools, swimming pools and lakes

several game parks

numerous musea, theatres and cinemas

city-tours and shopping-trips


The OUR nature reservation

The castles and historical places in the region

The city of Luxembourg  - UNESCO world cultural heritage

Sightseing along and upon the Moselle

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