The Tintesmühle - Mill in the Our-Valley

„The „Tintesmühle-mill“ is one of the most isolated mills in our country and thanks to this, probably testifies best of a past when people did not fear the unease of hard work to harness the power of water for it‘s benefits.“  (Emile Erpelding in: De Cliärrwer Kanton 1985/1)

The history

Peter SCHROEDER (1805-1896) has built his mill, his housing and the dependencies   in the year 1853 on his own ground at the bank of the river Our. He was originate from the „Tintes“ house in Kalborn, listed in the annals since 1535, thus explaining the mill‘s name.

Dated 22 July 1863, Peter Schroeder assigned the mill to his son Johann Schroeder (1835-1886).

On December 23rd 1896, Pierre Schoeder (1865-1935) has taken over the mill, due to a rather unusual hereditary sharing; his father Johann died ten years before his grand-father Peter.

His son, Jean-Pierre Schroeder (1904-1973) has then taken over the mill.

Since 1972 the spouses Bertemes-Schoeder own the mill, disused since 1953. (Germaine Schroeder: daughter of Jean-Pierre Schroeder)

The building

The mill had 3 upper shaft extraction wheels - each one of two metres diameter and one meter cage width.  They moved three different grists: bread cereals, forage cereals and buckwheat. In 1914, the miller started to use the hydropower to work a dynamo for the lighting of his housing and the stables surounding. 

At every time, the owners held a small farm further to the mill. 

Since the laying of the foundation, two transformations have been reported:  in 1885 and in 1909. During the Rundstedt-Offensive the mill-builiding has suffered heavy damages. It‘s sole remaining functions were, the production of hydroelectricity between 1945 and 1953 and the grinding of forage flour until 1958.

As the millers ever exploited a café since 1906, the idea of transforming the vast ground into a camping followed in 1972. The building work in 1976, then transformed the milling-room into a café.

A particular event

In 1908 at the age of two, François Schroeder, fell into the upper mill-canal and was rejected over the top of the mill-wheel into the closed canal. At the outgoing of the water and on the end of an 8 metre tunnel, the boy was  fished out alive.

The owners of the Tintesmühle-mill:

  • Peter Schroeder - Anne-Marie Leysen (1853 - 1863)
  • Johann Schroeder - Katharina Helten (1863 - 1896)
  • Pierre Schroeder - Marie-Elisabeth Breuer (1896 - )
  • Jean-Pierre Schroeder - Suzanne Kremer ( - 1972)
  • Arsene Bertemes - Germaine Schroeder (1972 - )
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